A lot of things come up every week. Though we don't have time for them. Since most of us are media addicts, we also get what's left of our lives second hand from the media. We complain about the programming or say how cool XYZ was on TMZ or did you see last night's game/grope/Gummy Bears? This is where our real life begins after work if we're still working. Don't know how long that will last. We could all be outsourced next week in this economy. So let's get real while there's still time. Have a look back at the week that was.

Too much like work? Right. OK, well it was a lousy week. Even Lou Dobbs quit CNN. And he owns a big chunk of it, but I'm guessing here as no one else will investigate CNN. Probably fired himself because ratings were down on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Like Sarah Palin who also quit her day job, I bet Lou will run for President. Trying to fire illegal alien Obama on his show didn't work. Smuggled in from where Lou? Jersey? Daily reruns of what kind of a democracy have we got? And more gosh darnnit illegal aliens picking our lettuce, taking jobs away from Americans!

Right about the War on the Middle Class though. Bet Lou knows where all the bodies are buried under Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Years anchoring Moneyline on CNN in another incarnation. And no slouch either. The guy went to Harvard like Obama.

Sure Lou knows we've got bodies everywhere, on the CNN foreign news segments. But Lou blustered on as though he might spill the local beans, on and on through the American outsourcing to death, just sickening, the downsizing of America to what? Subsidized by the same idiot Feds who were too busy ignoring Madoff and Co and and and.

True enough but it didn't catch fire. The economic crash pre-empted all that talk about what's wrong with America. Time to scramble and fix it before everybody goes under. Bush's answer, spend more money, print more money, bail them out. Then Obama to the rescue. Same thing, bail them out before we all crash. But the causes of the crash are still there and pumping more money into them for life support months later, doesn't look like working in the long run. The economy? Some relief for some, but DOA for the middle class, downsized daily into the largest growth industry, the unemployed. So what if there are some scattershot stock market rallies? Is there anything to cheer about?

The middle class is key to any country. They do the work and they pay the taxes. The people with money make more money as they always do. They still get bonuses for that. While we bail them out with a Trillion Dollars. What are they doing for us? Wait, wait and see. Probably nothing.

With world governments behind a sinking economy, my money's on feudalism. Meanwhile some idiots might be gritting their teeth if Lou has any smoking guns lying around. He's still got his radio show. Either he gets more political or he fades out.

--Alan Gillis